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Aging Bodies Need Yoga Too! 9 Principles for Teaching Safe & Effective Classes
Ayurveda and Depression
Meditation, Mantras and Creating YOUR Life
Ego stuff.
Get it out! Get it out! Get it OUT!!!


Ayurveda and Depression
Creating YOUR Life!
Ego practice.
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Jesus, Yoga and Peace
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Yamas and NiYamas; Ahimsa (non-harming)
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Aging Bodies Need Yoga Too! 9 Principles for Teaching Safe & Effective Classes

I never imagined I’d be teaching yoga to older adults. When I started practicing yoga, I hoped it would help me avoid the painful osteoarthritis I saw my grandmother suffer through. Fast forward, I became a yoga teacher, and in the very first “All Levels” Vinyasa class I taught there was a 76-year-old female student!!  My inside voice was panicking, saying, “This is not what I expected!!!  I’m gonna have to modify every pose!! I’m not ready for this!”

I led an extra-slow vinyasa flow that day and themed the class around the word “ahimsa” (non-harming).

Ayurveda and Depression

I rarely watch TV, but the few hours a week I turn it on I’m bombarded with commercials pushing pills to relieve the symptoms of depression. As many of you know, depression has been something I have struggled with throughout my life. While it’s hard for me to write about depression, especially my own, we keep losing family and friends to this disease and I long to help anyone that I can. 
Fall can trigger memories as we watch the process of life, the seasons of life, and remember loved ones and holidays gone by.

Meditation, Mantras and Creating YOUR Life

Meditation, Mantras and Creating YOUR Life

I’m not sure how long I’ve been meditatingconsistently. I started being more consistent when my yoga teacher suggested that “it will change your life!” during my yoga teacher training. Before that, I’d experienced a change in my life when I’d meditated every night for almost three months.

There was a lot going on for me at this time. I wasmiserablein my middle management, salaried position. I was still beating myself up for not completing dental school.

Ego stuff.

The ego is a Big Trouble maker!! It’s always criticizing and blaming us or others for our perceived imperfections, mistakes, or differences. It’s a bully inside of us, comparing us, telling us we aren’t good enough. The ego is so afraid of being perceived as weak, so afraid that others will see our imperfections. It fears that someone else will be better, make more money, get more stuff, get more love…in other words, have more of whatever the ego perceives as being lacking or scarce in that moment.

Get it out! Get it out! Get it OUT!!!

Four weeks ago my uncle, my mother’s little brother, lost his 
battle with cancer. He was a beloved son, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend to all. I have been shaken to my core by his loss. To take care of 
myself, I have been breathing deeper and digging deeper into my 
life skills and yoga toolbox. I know if I’m not taking care of 
myself, I cannot serve anyone else.

When someone we love is suffering or leaves this human form, we 
experience every emotion possible: anger, fear, resentment, 


In the spring of 2006, I was finally getting an opportunity to sing with a band on the plaza in Kansas City—a big deal to me at the time. I was thrilled… but I had been taking allergy shots and pills for three years and I was still having relentless and intense allergic reactions. For the entire three hours we were on stage that day, my eyes streamed with tears and my nose seemed to drip in time to the blues of the rhythm section. I went through an entire box of tissues. By the end of the performance, my poor eyes were blood red and nearly swelled shut.

There is no "OUCH" in Yoga! Non-Harming (Ahimsa) Yoga: Becoming Aware On and Off of the Mat/Chair.

I started practicing yoga with my friend Jessica in 1998.  We were going for the  exercise and to relieve stress from dental school. Although I wouldn’t realize it for  years, practicing yoga became much more than exercise or stress relief. It  became my lifeline.  

Jessica went on to become a calm, cool dentist and MOM!

Jesus, Yoga and Peace.

       “For unto us a child is born… The Prince of Peace.”~ Isaiah 9:6  

When I was young, I attended vacation bible school every year I could. (My favorite part was the Kool-aid, the cookies, and my friends!) I enjoyed learning about Jesus. I learned that he loved me and I learned that he loved all the children of the world: “red and yellow, black and white, we are precious in his sight.” I learned about forgiveness and I was baptized. At that time, I did not understand the temptations ahead.

The Grumpy Yogini.

 We laugh at me sometimes…I can be the Grumpy Yogini. I wish I could say I’m always nice and happy, but I have always been a grump in the morning. It’s just my nature…maybe. I do notice a shift away from grumpy during and after meditation. My morning meditation helps me transition from foggy, sleepy, grumpy to less grumpy…and sometimes even to elated! Meditation is like cleaning off your camera lens before you take a picture, the lens of your mind’s eye, clearing and adjusting, shifting perspective.

Prayers and Meditations

 Prayers and Meditations.  

I’ve been praying for as long as I can remember:
Now I lay me down to sleep                        
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take

When my Dad died, my prayers went through many phases. In retrospect, I can see that they reflect the grieving process: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance…pleading, cursing, begging, crying at God in my daily prayers for years.
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